Paramedical packaging line

We developed a packaging line for a manufacturer of medical products. This line allows the packaging of infusions in cardboard boxes and their preparation for shipment with the following challenges:

  • Flow and traceability management: We have implemented real-time monitoring of work materials, through the use of code readers (Keyence) coupled with automation management (laying state management) and its
  • Supervision on the Man/Machine interface (Siemens) in order to guarantee control of the process.
  • Compliance of the boxes: each critical function, which we have integrated (removal of labels, sterilization witnesses, and instructions), is controlled during the process by the installation of vision sensors (Baumer), contrast sensor (Keyence) and code reader.
  • Speed: in order to respect the product entry rate (3.5s) and to respond to positioning variations, we have implemented a scara-type robot (Staubli) equipped with a dedicated gripper and coupled to a tracking system ( Cognex) to perform dynamic picking of products.
  • Product integrity: the arrangement of the infusions in the cardboard boxes being a crucial process for the integrity of the product, we have developed with the customer a specific system of filling by drawers.
  • Flexibility: the entire design of the line is oriented towards flexibility, in particular with filling servo-control by laser distance sensor (IFM), a modular conveying system (Interroll), specific automation management (Siemens) and a scalable hardware design (Profinet, IO Link).
  • Safety: flexibility and safety functions are ensured by the integration of a safety program and remote networked input/output (Profisafe).

Eventually, this packaging line will be extended with the addition of two additional packaging islands. Through the integration of external machines and a design oriented towards flexibility and maintainability, this line meets the challenges of this project.