Our engineers define and execute the necessary tests and calibrations on the most complicated electronic products. They design ad hoc testing machines and testing sequences. This know-how ensures our customers with products that are matching with the highest tests rate possible, providing a high level of quality right after the fabrication.

Test GECoE

Many tests are mastered

  • Electronic tests
    • Implementation of interfaces for operational tests
    • Test sequences development
    • Equipments validation based on the Six Sigma principles (Reproducibility, Capability, mechanical strains, R&R)
    • Test coverage calculation
  • Operational test
    • CAN/LIN/Serie/Most/Apix/Ethernet communication
    • Step by step engine calibration (Magnetic offset)
    • Fuel/T° gauge calibration
    • Test of the loudspeakers
    • Test of the LED (Chromatic details)
    • Test using JTAG (Joint Test Action Group)
    • EEPROM management (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory)
    • Input/output analog test
    • Test mechanism for ASIL
  • Multimedia equipments test
    • Test of the GPS
    • Test of the Bluetooth
    • Test of the Wi-Fi
    • Test on video signals
  • Test of high-tension equipments (hybrid car batteries management system (600V – 200A))
  • Radio-frequencies test
  • Test of vision equipments
  • Vibro-acoustic test

Our testing facilities

  • Operational tester
  • Spectrum analysts
  • Oscilloscopes