Industrial software and automation


Its features​
  • Management of product traceability
  • Management of testing program traceability : based on the ISO 26262 standard
  • Debugging and performances analysis tools
  • Sequences graphic representation
  • Structure made for plugins
Its benefits
  • EasyTest is a competitive software and outstrip its competitors thanks to its speed.
  • It allows parallel testing.
  • It can make multi product testing with the same sequence.
  • Its plugins architecture provides a huge flexibility, it can then adapt to new testing methods.
  • The sequences graphic representation improves the software clarity and readability. Everything is visual and work with the drag & drop concept : no more code to write.
  • The software is based on the ISO 26262 standard, ensuring an operational security of the electric and electronic systems in motor vehicles.


Its features
  • Links a PC to CAN or LIN bus via an Ethernet network
  • Handles CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B protocols
  • CAN High Speed reaching 2 MBit/s
  • CAN Low Speed reaching 500 KBit/s
  • LIN reaching 19.2 KBit/s
  • ASCII protocol via TCP for a quick and easy use
  • Stand-alone software available for configuration and tests
  • Implemented transfer protocols management (KWP and UDS)
  • Anchored on the rail in an electrical cabinet
Connecteur Net2Bus
Its benefits
  • The Net2Bus gateway allows a PC to be linked with CAN and LIN networks via an Ethernet network. It allows then to the buses to be connected in a secured and reliable way to its linked equipments.
  • The ASCII protocol helps us to implement quickly this tool in any programming language and any OS (Windows, Linux, OSx, etc..).
  • An objects-based COM is available to ease its use in the numerous Windows’ development environments (C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Delphi).
  • By integrating transfer protocols on CAN buses we can save a considerable amount of time on the communication and we also ease a lot the user’s exprience.