Our team

The GECOE brand is represented by about 10 different professions for about 30 workers located in La Ferté-Bernard, Sarthe, France. Our team is skilled, motivated and unified, we’re mostly composed of experimented engineers and technicians operating in rigorous fields: automotive, telecoms, home electronics…

Team spirit: a faithful and human-sized collaboration which allows us to focus our energy on the introduction of new products. It permits us also to develop adapted solutions in numerous fields of operation (mechatronic products development, special machines realization, prototyping…).

Dynamism: we take up numerous technological challenges in the making of electronic cards and the testing field. Our study for new solutions helps us reducing testing duration while increasing the number of tests.

Requirements: the reject of compromises brought us to imagine innovating solutions which lead us to one of the best global level. With about 16 strong years of experience as a subcontractor in the automotive field, our mastery for electronic cards crafting and for assembling allows us to guide our customers on their products. We propose building technologies that will help producing with better conditions than ever

Equipe du GECoE