Laser loaders

What is it about?
Our customer Valéo in Sablé-Sur-Sarthe, asked us to robotize a manual laser engraving station initially loaded by a robot with a single gripper and conditioning the products in a single alveolus of 9 placements. So we doubled the capacity of the machine already installed by creating two robotic loads with “cobots” (collaborative robots). We also opted for a 2-tool gripper and for the use of 2 packaging cells by robots.

What are the advantages?
The cycle time on this machine has decreased from 22sec to 13.7sec. In addition, the two cells per robot can reduce the frequency of intervention by operators. Overall, we have optimized this stage of production to improve the productivity of our customer.

TFT screens control by robotised islands

What it it about?
The project is part of a line dedicated to the assembly and testing of 10.2 ‘TFTs to equip the S-Series of Daimler vehicles. This line installed in Portugal consists of 10 stations, 4 of which are automatically managed in a robotic test cell.

TFTs tested under controlled temperature, are then oriented on conveyors good or bad. For this application, we have developed a TFT gripping technology without altering the glass, the cycle time of this 60sec alteration.